ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.12新特性介绍



支持两个新的底图类型:Terrain和Dark Gray。Dark Gray在ArcGIS Online上是一个全新的底图。


HeatmapRenderer类不再是Beta版本了,对该类的构造(Constructor)又新增加了两个选项: colorStops 和setColorStops

var heatmapRenderer = new HeatmapRenderer({
  blurRadius: 10,
  minPixelIntensity: 1,
  colorStops: [
        {ratio: 0, color:"rgba(0, 255, 0, 0)"},
        {ratio:0.3, color:"rgb(0, 255, 0)"},
        {ratio:0.4, color:"rgb(150, 255, 0)"},
        {ratio:0.5, color:"rgb(255, 255, 0)"},
        {ratio:0.85, color:"rgb(255, 95, 0)"},
        {ratio:1, color:"rgb(255, 0, 0)"}




Create a density map from point or line features by spreading known

quantities of some phenomenon (represented as attributes of the points or lines) across the map.

Measure the travel time or distance between pairs of points.
Creates areas that are visible based on locations you specify.
Creates catchment areas based on locations you specify.
Derive new features from the input layers that meet a query you specify.
Select features in the input layer that meet an attribute and/or spatial query you specify.
Measure the similarity of candidate locations to one or more reference locations.
Predict values at new locations based on measurements from a collection of points.
PlanRoutesJavaScript API]
Determine how to efficiently divide tasks among a mobile workforce.
Determine the flow paths in a downstream direction from the locations you specify.


对于某些非 Web 墨卡托和非地理空间引用中的功能,LabelLayer 并不显示标签正确。
LabelLayer: 改进的标签的位置。

Directions Wiget的增强

增加了目的地的添加选项,增加了两个新的方法: activate(), deactivate()




Location Providers(Beta)


New task to do standard geography queries: StandardGeographyQueryTask uses the ArcGIS Standard geography query service to query for standard geographies.

FeatureTable widget(Beta)



          // Create the feature layer
        var myFeatureLayer = new FeatureLayer("", {
          mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
          outFields:  ["NAME","GEOID","MTFCC","ALAND","AWATER"],
          visible: true,
          id: "fLayer"
        myTable = new FeatureTable({
          "featureLayer" : myFeatureLayer,
          "hiddenFields": ["FID","C_Seq","Street"]  // field that end-user can show, but is hidden on startup
        }, 'myTableNode');



  • Provide feedback when uploading a zip file that exceeds file size limit.
  • Fixed errors when publishing builds to the cloud (“Published to Cloud”) and build name contained spaces.
  • Fixed issue where “Publish to Cloud” option was not available although the build did not contain custom packages.

Converting to/from MGRS etc

The GeometryService has two new methods to make it easy to convert to/from MGRS, USNG, UTM etc .

(requires ArcGIS Server 10.3 or above)


In the Renderer class, the setProportionalSymbolInfo() method has changed name to setSizeInfo(), while the proportionalSymbolInfo property has changed name to sizeInfo.

API enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Work-around for big zoom-in with Chrome browser – Applying opacity to element with big scale transform freezes the page.
  • Fix for heatmap renderer across international date line – Esri/heatmap-layer-js won’t display across dateline. This was handled by the newly-added extent.normalize() method.
  • BUG-000082713: Attachment editor error “This file type is not supported” when file is attached using Internet Explorer 11.
  • BUG-000083043: Fixed an issue where the Measurement widget did not update the latitude values, ref: geonet discussion.
  • BUG-000082443: Fixed an issue where the Measurement widget incorrectly rounded latitude on non Web Mercator/WGS 1984 basemaps.
  • BUG-000082848: Fixed an issue where the Measurement widget’s Distance tool always returned “Miles” in the “measure” and “measure-end” events.
  • NIM098834: Fixed an issue where the link to the buttons.css stylesheet used with esri.dijit.Gallery returned a blank page.
  • BUG-000082611: InfoWindow now correctly displays information for all points when using a StreamLayer.
  • ENH-000082141: LabelLayer now works with StreamLayer.
  • NIM099463: Fixed an issue where the “Delete” button in the Attribute Inspector widget sample did not work.
  • BUG-000083637: Fixed an issue where panning would not disable using Internet Explorer 10/11 when right-clicking outside the map.

Additional Resources on GitHub

Be certain to check out any updates to the repository on GitHub with TypeScript definitions for the JS API as well as the jshint options file used by the JS API team.


Version 3.12 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript was upgraded to use Dojo 1.10.2. dgrid was upgraded to version 0.3.16. put-selector version 0.3.5 and xstyle version 0.1.3 are also included.